Getting Audiobooks

Bookmark works with any audiobooks that are on the iPod app in your iPhone or iPod Touch. The simplest way to purchase audiobooks is through iTunes on your computer. Open iTunes and click on iTunes Store:

Once in the store, click on “Audiobooks” at the top of the window:

After you purchase one or more books and iTunes has downloaded them, they will appear in the “Books” section of your Library:

To make sure the books are synced to your iPhone, connect your iPhone and click on the “Books” tab. Make sure “Sync Audiobooks” is checked:

When you next sync your iPhone, the new audiobook(s) will be ready to go in Bookmark!

Other options:

You may purchase audiobooks on your iPhone by starting the iTunes app and choosing “More”, then “Audiobooks”.
You may also purchase fromĀ Audible which has options for monthly plans, or download free public-domain audiobooks from sites likeĀ Librivox.

Getting Podcasts

Bookmark works with all podcasts synced to your iPhone or iPod Touch from iTunes. To subscribe to podcasts, click on “Podcasts” in iTunes, then click “Podcast Directory” in the lower right of the window. Make sure “Sync Podcasts” is selected on the “Podcasts” tab of your iPhone or iPod Touch. After syncing, the tracks will be available in Bookmark.

Bookmarks and Notes

To create a bookmark anywhere in the book, just press the “Bookmark” button. You can customize the title by tapping in the top title field. To add or edit notes, tap in the lower section.

After you tap “Save”, the bookmark will now be available by clicking on “Bookmarks” in the upper-right of the window. The bookmarks window lets you quickly listen to any bookmarks by clicking on a row. You may edit the bookmark or view notes by tapping the blue arrow on the right.

To delete a bookmark, either tap “Delete” after tapping the title of the bookmark, or just swipe your finger from left-to-right over the bookmark and tap “Delete”.

Sharing and Exporting

To share your bookmarks and notes with others or export it for yourself, tap the “More” button, then “Email bookmarks”. A text summary of every bookmark and note will be formatted for emailing. Unfortunately, it is not technically possible at this time to save the audio of a bookmark for sharing.


For more info, check out FAQ’s or email support.